Kingshunt open beta coming soon to Steam

Kingshunt Open Beta

The indie third-person online multiplayer action game Kingshunt is coming to PCs with an open beta later this month on Steam.

Indie studio Vaki Games is launching Kingshunt, their most significant game ever since the firm’s founding. Vaki Games was created in 2016 by a four-person core team. It comprises gaming veterans and fresh new talent with a strong desire to develop serious yet approachable games. Its open and honest development style enables the company to collaborate with the industry’s brightest and most creative individuals worldwide.

Addictive online multiplayer action

Kingshunt blends the tower defense and hack-and-slash genres. In a game that combines strategy and fast-paced hero action, join the war and create a trail of destruction across the battlefield.

In Kingshunt, you play as a hero that best suits your playstyle and makes use of a unique mastery of skills and abilities. Calculate your opponent’s actions to deliver deadly counterblows.

What’s in the beta?

Kingshunt‘s new beta version will include new tools, towers, a new hero, tutorial, map, and exciting new game mode upgrades. With a Guardian Assault game mode, Deep Rune pathways, a variety of tools, and towers.

In addition, players can select from a growing array of customizable ranged and melee characters. The game has two roles: attackers and defenders. To defeat the guardian, attackers must battle with the zombie army, summon minions, demolish enemy infrastructure, and battle with the undead army. Defenders must fortify their fortifications, secure structures, remove hostile forces, and guard the Guardian.

The open beta is available on Steam starting June 22 for all interested players who want to give this new indie action game a try.

Watch the Kingshunt beta trailer below!

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