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Microsoft might be working on a Modding Platform for Xbox

According to recent reports obtained through someone who is working at Starfield stated how Xbox would be utilizing Bethesda’s new next-generation Creation Engine.
Bethesda’s Next-Gen Creation Engine is a massive overhaul and improves everything from their previous engine. Hopefully, what Bethesda said about their Next-Gen Creation Engine ends up being true. the new leak stated, “General improvements: character movement and controls, predictive foot IK, cloth simulation, bone scaling (which personally has me hyped for modding purposes), more advanced player customization (which will also further improve more diversity in NPC’s).”
So basically, Bethesda will allow people to use Mods in Starfield, which isn’t really big news because many previous Bethesda games on consoles had a few mods. The Big part of this leak is “Next-gen creation engine will be better than ever for modding and also push Microsoft’s platform-wide modding system for consoles which is coming at a later date”, so basically, Xbox is trying to create a modding system for more games other than Starfield. We could be seeing Mod Support in all Xbox Games, which will use the Starfield Engine, aka Creation Engine. This is amazing news for Console gamers because modding games without any jailbreak are going to be easier than ever.
Thanks to Segment Next for the source.
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