No Man’s Sky Finally Has Positive Overall Rating on Steam

There are very few success stories in the video game industry that look like the journey that No Man's Sky has been on. Although it had a rough launch in 2016, the game has been turned around and now has a positive rating overall on its Steam page.

As highlighted by the official No Man's Sky Twitter account, the game now has an overwhelmingly positive rating on its Steam page with most of its "Very Positive" ratings coming recently. As anyone who's followed No Man's Sky since it first launched might know, the game has had a massive rebirth over the course of its numerous free massive content updates.

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When the title first launched in 2016, many of the people who had purchased the game felt like they were deceived by its marketing. Leading up to its release, No Man's Sky was promising quite a bit, making it sound like a groundbreaking title that was going to do things beyond its fans' wildest dreams. But when the game was finally released, it was missing a lot of promised content, leading to disappointment across the board.

Since then, however, No Man's Sky has become something of a success story as its received non-stop support from Hello Games to make it into the game it was promised to be. Although it's taken a while, No Man's Sky has turned over a new leaf and is widely regarded as one of the best survival/exploration games available. The game has gotten so good since its rocky 2016 launch that it even won the award for "Best Ongoing Game" at the 2020 Game Awards.

As No Man's Sky continues to grow, it doesn't seem like Hello Games has any interest in stopping anytime soon. There are very few games that receive the support that No Man's Sky received that turn out to be great games when starting at such a deficit, so it makes sense that there are plenty more updates for the game coming sometime soon, especially with the encouragement that Hello Games is receiving in Steam reviews for the game.

Hopefully, the now positive reception that No Man's Sky is receiving can act as inspiration for other games that have been released with a laundry list of issues. While it's never a studio's goal to release a far from perfect game, No Man's Sky serves as a great success story for studios worried that their game might be too far gone to salvage.

No Man's Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Android devices.

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