PlayStation Console Exclusive Sifu Confirmed for Gamescom

There’s been quite the buzz surrounding the martial arts action game Sifu ever since it was announced earlier this year. As a result, fans of the game have been holding on to any new information given to them and luckily it seems like more is on the horizon as it was confirmed to be making an appearance during Gamescom Opening Night Live on Wednesday.

According to the official Sifu Twitter account, @SifuGame, the PlayStation console exclusive title will be appearing at some point during Opening Night Live with “exciting news.” The account also mentions that Sloclap, the studio behind the game, still has some things to show off “before summer is over.”

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Sifu has made appearances at plenty of different gaming showcases after its initial February 2021 reveal, so it makes sense that it would be making another appearance during Gamescom. It’s currently unclear if the tweet means that there will be more information about the game outside of Gamescom coming later this summer. As there’s only a handful of weeks left in the season, it seems like Opening Night Live might be it, however, there’s no official confirmation on that just yet.

Fans have already begun speculating what sort of news might be in store for viewers of the showcase. Sifu was initially announced to be releasing later this year, however, during Sony’s July State of Play, Sloclap announced that the game would be delayed into 2022. Many seem to think that, although the delay announcement was so recent, Sloclap has nailed down the game’s release date and will be announcing it on Wednesday.

While that may simply be what fans are speculating, it’s likely that, at the very least, there’s going to be plenty of Sifu’s gameplay shown off at the event. July’s State of Play revealed an interesting mechanic where the player character ages after each defeat in battle which seems to be at the core of Sifu’s game loop. Following the showcase, there hasn’t been much more information regarding how exactly that mechanic will work, so hopefully, Sloclap will be giving a little bit more explanation as to what fans can expect from the mechanic.

Even if there’s very little new information about Sifu provided during Opening Night Live, seeing more of the game’s martial arts set-pieces might be enough to tide fans over until Sloclap is ready to reveal its release date. From the pre-release footage shown off so far, it seems like the different environments that fights take place in will be impacting what moves are available to the player, so seeing more of that might help sell the game as well.

Sifu releases in early 2022 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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