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Pokemon GO players are no strangers to microtransactions. While the game provides ways to acquire resources and Pokeballs without paying money, paying cash for a microtransaction gives players with a quicker way to get what they need to keep grinding. However, a new datamining effort has found that microtransactions might not be the only way to spend cash in Pokemon GO soon.

Pokemon GO has been a massive success since its release, and with the addition of new Pokemon and a constant influx of special research tasks to complete, the game has shown that it has longevity, not just temporary popularity. However, even dedicated fans might experience some concern or hesitation when learning that Pokemon GO could soon get a subscription service costing cash.

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This latest information comes courtesy of TheSilphRoad, where dataminer martycochrane shared their team’s latest findings following Pokemon GO‘s latest APK release. The datamining effort uncovered a lot of details about how Pokemon GO‘s mega evolutions may work, but it also noticed that a new subscription category had appeared in the store’s shop section of the APK.


For now, it’s unclear exactly what this subscription offering might be. There doesn’t seem to be any significant data attached to it, so there’s no indication as to what players might be spending their hard-earned cash on. Some have theorized that the game’s subscription service could potentially award players a box of assorted in-game resources, and potentially even a subscribers-only special research task. However, without any concrete information from Niantic, this can only be called speculation.

The fan response to the news has been mixed, to say the least. Some have expressed concern that the subscription service might be tied into Pokemon Home, which could mean spending more money in order to transfer Pokemon between games and devices. Others have noted that subscription services being added to other mobile games was what made them uninstall and stop playing. However, others have expressed that they consider subscribing to be preferable to dealing with gacha mechanics, which are known for being particularly unforgiving in games like Fate/Grand Order.

For now, players will just have to wait and see what Niantic is planning. Although the responses have been both positive and negative, considering that players have spent billions on Pokemon GO‘s microtransactions since 2016, there’s a strong likelihood that a new subscription service could be popular once the details are made clear, especially if it makes it easier for players to partake in the game, similar to the boost in popularity Pokemon GO has experienced since allowing remote raids and more ways to play from home.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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Source: TheSilphRoad

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