Resident Evil Village Was The Most Downloaded PlayStation Game In May

Capcom continues to receive overwhelmingly good news with regards to Resident Evil Village.

The developer announced last month that its survival horror sequel had already shipped several million copies worldwide within weeks of release, placing it in a position to outpace predecessor RE 7 in total sales. The latter, which also stars Ethan Winters as the central protagonist, ultimately went on to become Capcom’s second-highest selling title ever behind Monster Hunter: World, so surpassing it will be no easy feat, that’s for sure.

As for the context of this particular headline, Sony has arrived to deliver even more positivity in the form of its monthly top downloads blog post. The platform holder confirms that Village ended May as the bestselling game in both Europe and North America on PS5. This pattern was repeated on PS4 in the former territory, though didn’t quite manage to tick all four boxes as survival effort Rust clinched the top spot there.

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Considering the massive marketing push Sony invested in to encourage gamers to buy the series’ eighth mainline installment on either of its consoles, such a result is hardly surprising, but it’d be doubly interesting to learn just how many units passed the digital checkout on PlayStation compared with Microsoft’s last and current-gen devices. Chances are that’s a split we’ll never get definitive figures for, but it matters relatively little.

The takeaway from all this is that Resident Evil Village continues to maintain its streak of success and could even experience a second surge depending on what comes of next week’s E3 conference. See here everything you need to know about the latter.

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