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Residuum Breakdown: Deathloop

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Deathloop is Arkane's latest foray into mystical abilities and high-octane action. Like Dishonored, Deathloop allows you to pick your own way to approach each situation – either staying high up on rooftops while enemies lurk below, assassinating them in the darkness, or just going in all-guns-blazing. Any option can get the job done, but some are riskier than others.

Deathloop, as the name implies, will see you replaying a series of events multiple times, but in new locations, facing off against new enemies, during new times of day, with different approaches. Your goal is to discover all you can about Blackreef and find how to terminate all of your targets within the loop of a single day.

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In order to improve Colt on his loops through Blackreef, you'll be able to use Residuum. Like your upgrades in Hades, Residuum will improve Colt's abilities by allowing him to take certain items with him through loops. Like your gun? Keep it! Enjoy the abilities your new Slab power offers? Use it forever! This is why Residuum is important, and this is how you can gather and use it.

What Are The Glowing Items In Deathloop?

Early on in the game you'll spot glowing items throughout your playthrough, but it won't be clear what they're for, or what they do. Until you learn to harvest Residuum, they will be entirely meaningless, and you'll have no choice but to ignore them.

Once you're able to harvest Residuum, these items will become essential. Residuum is a resource which can be harvested from items imbued with it. Once you find one of these items, harvest it to add up your total Residuum. These items are semi-randomly placed each time you visit a stage, so there's no need to take note of item locations ahead of gaining the harvest ability.

How To Use Residuum


Once you've returned from a stage with a healthy supply of Residuum, it's time to use it. Go into Colt's loadout, and select an item. Once here you will get a button prompt for using Residuum – as long as you have enough Residuum, you'll be able to link a piece of equipment to yourself, so you can keep it even on death and the restart of the day.

Linking basic weapons to Colt is simple, but linking Slabs and powerful trinkets cost a lot of Residuum, meaning that you will need to harvest a lot of this resource as efficiently as possible. Make sure not to skip over any Residuum harvesting nodes you come across when exploring stages.

Reclaiming Lost Residuum


Has anyone ever told you that Deathloop is a bit like Dark Souls? I'm just saying, there are PVP invasions while you're in the middle of your campaign, and when you die you have to go and claim what you left behind. Familiar, right?

That's right, if you die while out on a mission, you'll drop all of your gathered Residuum. This is a problem because, well, if you died, it was probably a bad situation, and your Residuum will be left in the middle of it all. Not only that, but it takes several seconds to gather your Residuum back.

If you end up dying and needing to reclaim your Residuum, remember that this is a fresh chance to stealth your way back. Take down as many enemies as you can silently, and then you'll be able to make your way back to your corpse and take back what was yours.

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