Samsung Might Bring Back Fan Edition Phones With Galaxy S23 FE Coming This Year


Samsung’s decision to start releasing “Fan Edition” devices started with the notorious Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. After that, the company released the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and the troubled Galaxy S21 Fan Edition. From that point, we were under the impression that Samsung had killed the series altogether because the Galaxy S22 Fan Edition never became a reality. But now we have reason to believe that the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition might be coming later this year.

Samsung could revive the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition after being absent from the market last year

According to a South Korean publication, Samsung will launch a new Galaxy S Fan Edition smartphone between August and September. The report claims that the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition will be released instead of the Galaxy A74, which makes sense because the A74 is a higher-end mid-range device.

This is good news for anyone who is looking to experience Galaxy S23 but for a cheaper price tag. The Galaxy S20 FE was a hit, but the Galaxy S21 FE didn’t manage to hit the same spot. Namely because of several delays, to the point that we assumed that the phone had been canceled.

I would still suggest that you take this news with a grain of salt because it largely depends on the market condition, which could change at any instant, and Samsung might end up shelving any plans for the Galaxy S23 Fan Edition altogether. If, however, the company plans on going ahead with it, the phone’s release will have to be carefully done, or else things could go awry, and the phone could suffer the same fate as the Galaxy S21 FE did.



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