Shadow Corridor is Coming West for Switch

Shadow Corridor is Coming West for Switch

Publisher NIS America has announced Kazuki Shiroma’s horror-adventure game Shadow Corridor is coming west for Switch.

While Shadow Corridor is coming west for Switch, it’ll be available digitally (via the eShop) on October 26th, via a license from publisher Regista.

NIS America mentioned no plans to bring the PlayStation 4 version west, however, while both the Switch and PS4 versions are now available in Japan.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Set in traditional Japanese locales, Shadow Corridor provides a unique survival horror experience. Each map is randomly generated, making every playthrough unique, and helpful items are scattered throughout the map, making exploration a must. Shadow Corridor features intuitive ghost AI utilized by the spirits of the cursed Noh mask which respond to a variety of stimuli—players beware! Immerse yourself in the darkness, for only the determined will survive.
Taking inspiration from its Japanese roots, Shadow Corridor is set in a world based on traditional locales. The game features a variety of maps, each generated randomly for every playthrough.

In addition, helpful items are scattered throughout each map. These items have both passive and active effects. Without a flashlight, or other light source, the player is truly immersed in darkness and will be unable to see more than a few feet in front of them.

Shadow Corridor also features a variety of different ghosts, each with their own unique appearance and abilities. The spirits of the cursed Noh mask wander the halls using the game’s intuitive AI, and will react to stimuli such as light and the sound of the player’s footsteps. The game allows players to select their difficulty, ranging from beginner to shura, allowing both new and veteran survival horror players to test their skills.

In addition, the new “Apparition Defenders” mode allows you the opportunity to take on the role of the ghosts and hunt the humans for yourself. All previously released DLC will be included with the Nintendo Switch release.


  • IMMERSED IN THE CURSE: Become engulfed in a world of darkness and spirits. The eerie atmosphere coupled with the ever-present apparitions of the evil cursed Noh mask will keep your heart pounding and your senses on the edge
  • UNPREDICTABLE HORROR: Think you found the correct path? Don’t get too comfortable! Each area is randomized every time you play, requiring you to look for new ways to survive against your ghastly pursuers.
  • OUTWIT THE SPIRITS: Search for items throughout each area to help you survive longer, and pay attention to your surroundings while roaming the corridor. Be careful, for even your flashlight and footsteps can attract malevolent spirits to you.

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