Future Star Wars Games Will Reportedly Be Trans Inclusive

Star Wars games may have a more hopeful future of inclusivity ahead, as a new report indicates the Lucasfilm game series could include more trans characters.

The Star Wars series doesn't have a great history with including LGBTQ+ characters, and representation in its most recent theatrical release limited things to a single kiss. That seems like it may change in the series as Disney expands the universe through new streaming series, but its games have still lacked that same progress.

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In a report from We Got This Covered, sources suggest that could change and you may be able to create trans heroes in the character creators for future games. There are no details about how soon or which upcoming game this could be for, but Star Wars does have confirmed games in the pipeline at least, so perhaps it's not in a too distant future.

EA recently reaffirmed it's working to "continue to invest" in its Jefi Fallen Order series, and Ubisoft is working on an entry that's in the "early stage of development." Neither project has provided details on character creators, but one of Ubisoft's other games, Rainbow Six Siege, recently announced a new operator, Osa, is a trans woman. After online complaints, a consultant on the project defended Osa's looks, stating, "[I'm] slamming the "shut the fuck up, she looks like me, and I worked on her" button."

Triple-a games have an ugly history of not providing options for trans players in character creators or in key roles for their stories. As Star Wars continues its futuristic ambitions, it must include new stories of Force-users that reflect the trans women and men playing its games.

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