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Almost 9 years after release and closing in on spanning across three separate console generations, Skyrim still has a bustling player community sharing new additions to the massively popular open-world RPG. One thing that keeps fans playing at this point isn’t so much support from the developer, but the ingenuity of fan made mods for the latest Elder Scrolls title and how they can reshape the way the game is played.

One Skyrim modder going by Haytur on Nexus Mods has released a new skin for players and their companions, with credit to other modders like AthenaX who made the armor, and Ilikeawp who inspired this new skin and made the original asset. This is often the case as Skyrim‘s modding community often works together, utilizing shared assets in order to bring their ideas into the game in the best way possible.

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Haytur’s latest mod takes World of Warcraft‘s Sylvanas and adds her as a skin for Skyrim‘s Dovahkin, making her a playable character, complete with unique armor, weapons, and abilities to emulate her abilities from the source material. One of the most notable additions from the mod is the Deathwhisper bow, a new unique bow for Skyrim, that becomes enhanced by Sylvanas’ abilities and the specifically paired Saronite Arrows. Alongside the bow are a set of daggers, the Fangs of Kalecgos, which also comes from World of Warcraft to bring the look and feel of Sylvanas properly into Skyrim.




A number of the original assets that Haytur used in order to make this Sylvanas mod come from a similar addition that turned the character into a friendly companion to join the player as they traveled. However, a number of the new abilities and weapons are unique to Haytur’s new mod, which is still in the progress of animating certain pieces of gear, as well as integrating them into the base game. The biggest difference of course, is the ability to actually play as Sylvanas instead of just having her follow the player around, which may be better, as Skyrim already has NPC issues even before it comes to modding them into the game.

These types of mods continue to show the incredible mod community behind Skyrim that keep the game enjoyable for themselves and others as more content is constantly added to the game through these fan made creations. It goes a long way to explain why Bethesda has backed a number of these created and opened creator run marketplaces for the developer’s open world titles.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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