Sony shares early look at user experience for PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2

Sony has shared an early look at the user experience for their upcoming PlayStation VR2. Most of the features shown are for things players can do or use that is outside of playing the game itself.

One such feature includes a “see-through view” where those wearing the VR headset may be able to view their surroundings or find the PS VR2 Sense controllers without taking it off. This could be a useful feature that adds convenience and safety.

Another safety feature is creating a customized play area. So if a player were to step outside the edge set for themselves, the PS VR2 can warn them about it so they don’t end up tripping over furniture or hitting the wall. The best part of this is that the PS VR2 can scan your room for you to create a quick profile of a play area.

They also showed the ability to broadcast yourself while playing using a PS5 HD camera. In an age where more and more people are living streaming their gameplay through services such as Twitch and YouTube, it can come in handy as an easy way to set something up for viewers.

Finally, they also shared the inclusion of a “VR mode” and a “cinematic mode”. The VR mode being what one would expect any VR headset to play when it comes to VR games. However, the cinematic mode is designed so that players can view gameplay of non-VR games and media content on a virtual cinema screen.

In other news relating to the development of VR, Meta has recently announced they will be charging $100 more for their Meta Quest 2 starting in August.

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