Starfield launches 11 years to the day after Skyrim

Starfield launches 11 years to the day after Skyrim

Well, we now know the Starfield release date. A trailer for the new PC game has appeared on The Washington Post's website ahead of Microsoft and Bethesda's big E3 showcase, revealing that the game will launch on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox. That's exactly 11 years after Skyrim launched, in case you didn't notice.

The trailer starts out with some historic, real-life footage of humanity's excursions to space before we get some in-game views of the haul of a spaceship. We then see an astronaut take to the main bridge of the space vessel before some shots of a planet fill the screen. We also see a droid service the ship before some digits appear on screen, which just so happen to be the release date, too.

As the ship launches, we fade to black and get a proper look at the release date. The trailer is certainly more of a cinematic affair, but it sets the tone for the joys and curiosity of space travel. Alongside the release date, the trailer also confirms that you can play this one the day it launches on game pass.

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