Steam’s Indian Harvest Festival begins today, and offers some real treats


An Indian Harvest Festival has just begun on Steam, providing us with a great opportunity to discover some games made there via demos or a discounted price.

Probably the best-known game among them is Raji: An Ancient Epic, a game we've talked about a fair bit on Eurogamer. It's an action adventure a bit like Tomb Raider, a bit like Devil May Cry, and a bit like something from Hades-maker Supergiant. And it's very good, as the comparisons suggest. There's a demo of Raji available now.

Other demos include those for an intriguing-looking narrative game called Forgotten Fields, out today, and a tea garden simulator called Two Leaves and a Bud (presumably not the beer). Forgotten Fields is about a man with writer's block who's summoned to an unavoidable family meeting and embarks on a trip down memory lane. And Two Leaves is, well, a game about growing your own tea, and it looks lovely. Oh leaf it out! Brewww, hiss!

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