The Switch Has Sold Over 18 Million Units In Japan

nintendo switch

It’s no secret that Nintendo has managed to hit quite the goldmine with the Switch. The system has been flying off the shelves and was even the best selling system in both units and dollars in the United States for 2020 despite the anticipated launch of new generation consoles. It also isn’t doing too shabby in its homeland, either.

It was reported that the Switch made up a whopping 87% of sales for Japan in 2020. To kind of get an idea of how overwhelming that is number-wise, Famitsu reports the system has sold roughly 18 million copies in Japan. This number combines both the regular Switch and more handheld-focused Switch Lite. For reference, they have the combined title of the PS4 and PS4 Pro at only about 9.3 million, which puts the second system at roughly half of the Switch.

The Switch launched in March of 2017 and has continued selling pretty consistently since then, as you can see. There are rumors floating around of an enhanced Switch coming, often dubbed the “Switch Pro”, but as of now nothing official has been announced.

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