Valheim’s community-made VR mod now has motion controls

After being interrupted during mining in the Black Forest for the thousandth time, you could be forgiven for wanting to beat up a Greydwarf with your bare hands – and thanks to the work of Valheim's modding community, you now can. Well, while holding VR controllers, I guess.

VHVR is a community-made VR mod for Valheim that was first released back in April, and did a pretty good job of translating Valehim's Viking world into VR (even if players could only move using a standard gamepad or mouse and keyboard). Here's our own Ian Higton trying it out at the time:

Work on the mod continued post-launch, and now VHVR has been given a game-changing update that adds motion control support. Thanks to the work of modder Maddy25 (who apparently almost single-handedly implemented many of the motion control systems), you can now interact with items in Valheim more directly. There's upper-body and finger tracking using VRIK, melee combat, bow and arrow controls, fishing, point and click building, and you can use your hands to interact with the environment. There are also custom VR controls for interacting with menus, along with switching and equipping items.

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