What is Cruis’n Blast? A closer look at the Nintendo Switch racing game

Cruis'n Blast

Cruis’n Blast was confirmed at Nintendo Direct. It’s coming full speed ahead to Switch as an exclusive racing game.

One of the announcements that went unnoticed in the most recent Nintendo Direct during E3 2021 was the return of the Cruis’n franchise to a Nintendo console. If you remember Cruis’n USA and enjoyed it back in the day, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that this title (originally released in arcades in Japan) will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

It has been a long while since we’ve seen a new Cruis’n racing game. Basically, we thought the franchise was dead at this point, but Cruis’n Blast, created by Raw Thrills, marks the saga’s return to a Nintendo system. It will come loaded with new courses, tours, and various vehicle types that you may employ for each of the races. Oh, and apparently there are monsters now.

On the other hand, the game will allow you to compete with up to four players locally, allowing you to relive old challenges and show off your skills to beat your friends. Cruis’n Blast is coming to the Switch as a console exclusive in autumn 2021.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!

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