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Bayonetta: How To Unlock Zero

As you play through the first Bayonetta game, you will get a chance to play as several characters. One of these characters is Zero, King of the Little Devils. He will not be available from the start of the game, though — you will need to unlock him.

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In this guide, we are going to go over how to unlock Zero, as well as what makes him different from other playable characters. Overall, there are two different methods to unlocking this additional character. First, let’s take a look at who Zero is.

Who Is Zero?


Zero is the King of the Little Devils, a group of demons that are loyal to him. The Little Devils make an appearance when you use the Infernal Communicator accessory in both the first and second game.

This is an accessory that calls the Little Devils to help fight with you. If you are not playing as Zero, you will need this communicator to summon the demons. If you are playing as Zero though, you can freely summon them.

Completing The Lost Chapter


The main way you can unlock Zero is by beating Lost Chapter: Angel Slayer. This is a survival-style chapter that only unlocks after you complete all the Alfheim missions.

The Lost Chapter is split into 51 fights, which make up five verses. As you progress through these fights, they will become increasingly harder. After making it through all 51 fights, Zero will unlock as a playable character.

Tips For Beating The Lost Chapter


The Lost Chapter is meant to be difficult. It consists of a lot of battles and can get incredibly hard towards the end. Let’s go over some recommended weapons and accessories to help you make it through this chapter. Remember, all healing items are prohibited for The Lost Chapter.


Overall, you should use the weapon that you are most comfortable with. Here are some additional suggestions as well.

  • Shuraba: This is a quick and powerful weapon, allowing you to attack fast and hard.
  • Pillow Talk: This weapon is similar to Shuraba. As a green lightsaber-type weapon, you can charge Pillow Talk. Charged Pillow Talk attacks are some of the most powerful attacks that you can deal in the entire game.


There are tons of accessories available in Bayonetta, but here are a few essential choices to equip during the Lost Chapter.

  • Star of Dineta: This accessory will replenish your health while taunting enemies. Since you can’t use healing items, this is especially important to have.
  • Bracelet of Time: With the Bracelet of Time, you are able to access Witch Time whenever you want. This will drain your magic, but is helpful if you are in a pinch.
  • Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa: This accessory allows you to block any attack, regardless of what it is. Use this at the right time, and you may just avoid a fatal blow.

Chapter Two Phone Booth


If you don’t want to go through the Lost Chapter, there is another way to unlock Zero.

During Verse Three of Chapter Two, you’ll come across a plaza with telephone booths. There will be three phone booths; one by the stairs (to unlock weapons), one on the righthand side (to unlock accessories), and one at the far end (to unlock characters).

To unlock Zero here, you will need at least 5,000,000 halos on hand. If you don’t have them, the below code will not activate and you will not receive Zero.

With 5,000,000 halos in hand, head to the far end of the plaza and stand directly in front of the telephone booth. Here, you will enter the following code.

  1. Up
  2. Up
  3. Up
  4. Up
  5. Down
  6. Down
  7. Down
  8. Down
  9. Left
  10. Right
  11. Left
  12. Right
  13. Upper Body Attack Button
    • X on Nintendo Switch
    • Triangle on PlayStation
    • Y on Xbox

If you have successfully input the code, Zero will unlock and 5,000,000 halos will be taken from you.

Playing As Zero


Overall, Zero is pretty similar to Bayonetta. He can use Witch Time to dodge attacks, as well as use all items and accessories.

When Zero is attacked, he will take 7,900 damage. This damage will always remain the same, regardless of how strong the enemy is. This is a lot of damage, however, he will not die as long as he has more than 1 HP.

As mentioned earlier, Zero does not need to use the Infernal Communicator to summon the Little Devils. Instead, all you need to do is hold both the upper and lower body attack buttons; doing so will summon the Little Devils. If you do have the communicator equipped, the summoned demons will not be affected.

Additionally, Zero will gain magic faster than Bayonetta and Jeanne. For each Wicked Weave, he will gain about one orb. Lastly, with Odette equipped, he is faster than both Bayonetta and Jeanne. This weapon is a pair of ice skates that increase movement speed and freeze enemies that you attack.

That’s all there is to know about Zero! Overall, it will take a while to unlock this character. You can either save up a lot of halos or battle your way through 51 fights. Either way, unlocking Zero is no easy task.

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