Bloodborne Remaster Reportedly Coming To PlayStation 5 This Year

One of PlayStation 4’s most popular and critically acclaimed exclusives could soon be getting a well-deserved remaster for next-gen.

According to leaker SoulsHunt, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne is in Sony’s sights to get a spit and polish in preparation for its arrival on PlayStation 5. While terrific news for any so-called Soulsborne fan (assuming the rumor is true), it’s worth noting that a re-release of this variety doesn’t necessarily indicate that a sequel is in the works. Indeed, SoulsHunt warns fans against expecting as such, as the game’s creator prefers instead to focus on delivering new IP such as Elden Ring rather than multiple entries in the same series.

As the franchise owner, Sony could always opt to have another studio work on further adventures in the Lovecraft-inspired world of Yharnam, though such a move is thought to be incredibly unlikely, what with FromSoftware’s unique approach to game design absolutely being considered a key component of Bloodborne‘s success.


As far as the primary topic is concerned, though, the insider claims that whoever has been chosen to work on the project is doing so with an ambitious approach, suggesting much more than just some sharpened visuals could be in order. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see what transpires, but suffice it to say that a must-have for any remaster will be improved performance. The original has somewhat of a reputation, after all, for being unable to maintain a solid frame rate in specific areas, with co-op play only serving to exacerbate such issues further.

If everything up to this point holds true, Bloodborne will arrive later this year on PS5 and be followed not long after with a debut on Steam. Let us know what you make of these developments in the usual place below!

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