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Dark Souls Fan Makes Estus Flask Inspired Ring

Dark Souls is well known for its grueling difficulty and brutal combat, but some of its items can also be quite memorable. One example of this is the Estus Flask, and a talented Dark Souls fan recently decided to commemorate the item by turning it into a stylish ring.

Redditor MrNature73 has been creating jewelry for a while and decided that they wanted to create a tribute to Dark Souls. However, they didn't feel like copying the design of one of the game's existing rings. Instead, they opted to take the iconic Dark Souls Estus Flask, one of the series' most famous healing items, and translate it into ring form.

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According to the jeweler, their creation was made using mostly copper, amber, and malachite, with some moldavite, jade, greenstone, and glow powder added to capture the item's shimmering glow. While Estus Flasks themselves are dull green in color, when filled their contents shine a gorgeous yellow-orange. This is the color scheme that MrNature73 attempted to capture in their unorthodox piece of Dark Souls fan art, which is so striking that at least one other fan mistook the very real object for a render. The ring features a gradient between a faded deep green, like the Estus Flask, and a brilliant sunlight orange, like its fiery contents.

It's not the usual kind of fanart, but I turned an Estus Flask into a ring from

The ring was originally intended to be worn by its creator, but it received so much enthusiasm on Reddit that MrNature73 decided to add it to their Etsy shop, TheHouseOfWolfe. It can be found under the name "Shard of a Broken Estus • Dark Souls Ring • Estus Flask Ring • Handmade Jewelry • Moldavite, Jade & Malachite." While the ring probably won't heal the wearer in real life, Dark Souls fans immediately began discussing the effects it would have if implemented into the game. MrNature73 theorizes that it would give players extra uses of the Estus Flask, which might come in handy when confronting Dark Souls' many bosses.

As of writing, it appears that fans are very impressed by MrNature73's creation, as so many people asking if they could buy the ring is what caused MrNature73 to add it to their Etsy shop. One user asked to see an Ashen Estus Ring, which MrNature73 also went on to make. Another noted that this ring would probably be a good choice if one intended to propose to a member of Dark Souls' undead population. A third fan stated that they need the ring, as it looks like it could help them fight off the abyss. With the response being so positive, hopefully MrNature73 continues to make rings inspired by the Dark Souls franchise.

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