Dead Space Video Compares Graphics of Original to the Remake

Dead Space went many years without a new game, leaving a gory, Necromorph-less void in the gaming world. The recent unveiling of the Dead Space remake has reignited interests though, with one fan putting together a video comparing its graphics with the original.

Fans got their first look at the Dead Space remake, a completely rebuilt and reimagining of the original 2008 game, during last month's EA Play Live. Then this week, EA Motive hosted a Dead Space livestream where it showed off the progress of the game's environment and lighting. Not very many AAA game studios have provided such transparency, revealing the strenuous nature of game development and how far the team still has to go. Nonetheless, EA Motive's footage is being dissected and analyzed by Dead Space fans as they await the next drop of information.

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YouTuber HHM Gaming recently released a video comparing the graphics of Dead Space (2008) and its remake. The footage used by HHM Gaming is a combination of clips from the original teaser shown at EA Play Live and the recent livestream event by EA Motive, put up against footage from the first Dead Space. HHM Gaming's video is broken down into two sections: in the first part they focus on the new textures and details, and in the second examine the improved lighting. Comparison images of Dead Space and its remake were presented during the livestream, but no gameplay from the original was featured.

It has already been said many times, but the remake obviously looks graphically superior to the original game. In the original, the floor of the Ishimura looks largely flat aside from wires that run along the floor, and the blood seems like it was painted on. Conversely, in various shots of the remake, the floor has so much grit and texture to it, with multiple patterns that reflect light differently, as well as pooling blood that also catches the light. It is a good thing that theDead Space remake is headed to PS5 and other next generation hardware, because older systems likely could not handle this.

Keep in mind, the footage used from the remake is still a work in progress, and is from a early part of the game. If EA Motive continues providing development reports, it is likely that fans will be able to watch this game as it develops, an experience that has really never been seen before in AAA game development. The team recently confirmed as well that Isaac Clarke would have minimal speaking in the remake, a choice that may upset fans from the original's silent depiction of the character. Based on what has been shown though, it seems like EA Motive is taking a very respectful and deliberate approach as it tries to reboot one of gaming's most terrifying franchises.

Dead Space is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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