Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations (Tracing The Stars 3 Quest)

Destiny 2 has been a great game for many players to sit back and explore space with friends for about four years now. However, with the new season 15 updates for Destiny 2, gamers have a whole new reason to come back and experience new content.

One of returning quests in the game, the Tracing the Stars quest, requires gamers to find five different Atlas Skews scattered across the map. The reward for Tracing the Stars this week is a new exotic rifle.

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Unfortunately, the locations for the Atlas Skews have now since changed from last week. So for Destiny 2 players looking to find the Atlas Skews quickly, here is where to find them.

Rheasilvia Lower Level Atlas Skew


Starting from the southwestern corner of Rheasilvia, take a Destiny 2 sparrow and travel east. Jump off the cliff with the connecting bridge to the lower part of the map. This Atlas Skew should be in a cave surrounded by enemies.


Rheasilvia Temple Overlook Atlas Skew


The third Atlas Skew can be found by going further north from the lower level towards the temple. Once gamers reach the main circular area just outside the main entrance, scale the cliff to the immediate left, and this Atlas Skew will be hidden among the trees.


Rheasilvia Secluded Statue Atlas Skew


From the previous location, travel to the main doorway of the temple and scale across the cliffs on the immediate right. There will be some more platforming of other cliffs spaced apart, so be careful. Fans can find this atlas skew on top of a cliff towards the right side of the temple.


Harbringer Sidehall Statue Atlas Skew


Travel back to the temple entrance and go inside, following the pathway on the right. After climbing up some stairs, gamers should find themselves in a blue-tinted room with multiple doors.

Go through the door to the right until fans find the room with the huge statue in the center and go through the doorway behind it. At the end, make a left to the room with the glowing red light and make the first three lefts until gamers have exited the building.

From here, there should be another large statue with a glowing yellow center. Go towards that and enter the building on the right. Gamers should now find themselves in a blue-lit room with a large floating rock in the middle, and the Atlas Skew should be right behind it.


Ahamkara Skulls Atlas Skew


Exit the Sidehall building and immediately go to the other side of the map. There should be another pathway below the cliffside. Jump down and immediately follow the rocky pathway into the cave. Players should now find themselves in a wide-open room with Destiny 2 enemies around, with the last Atlas Skew on the opposite side.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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