Destiny Has Been Remade Into A Tabletop RPG Using D&D Rules

Destiny, and its ongoing sequel Destiny 2, are first-person looter shooters where you defend humanity from alien forces intent on its destruction. Although lately, you're also defending alien forces from humanity, which is a whole thing we're not going to get into. The point is, Destiny has always been just a video game, but now it's made the jump to tabletop thanks to a group of dedicated fans.

Dungeons & Destiny reimagines the world of Destiny through the rules of D&D. Instead of crossbows and swords you've got Auto Rifles and… well, still swords, but they're cooler looking because they’re sci-fi.

D&Destiny has all three playable races from the video game plus several alien races like the Eliksni, Cabal, Krill, and Vex. Just like the tabletop game, each race comes with its own enhancements like Cabal getting additional carry weight and Exos not needing to eat, while your Guardian also gets to choose between all nine subclasses from Gunslinger to Voidwalker.

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Destiny abilities have all been translated to use a new Ability Charge system that bears a strong resemblance to spell slots. Grenades are almost universally area-of-effect spells, while melee abilities such as balanced knife and shoulder charge are often more targeted effects.

Sparrows, jumpships, tanks, and a plethora of guns with an extensive perk system are all there within D&Destiny’s 179 page PDF. And that’s just the start.

D&Destiny v1.1.2 was just announced yesterday as the first full-color booklet with all original art, but it’s just the player manual. The Monster Manual (called the Bestiary of the Wild) as well as the DM Manual (called the Architect’s Guide) are still in the beta stages, but you have enough here to at least get started on your own Destiny tabletop adventure, and the beta booklets are available on D&Destiny’s Google Drive.

Best of all, this fan project is completely free. If you’re looking to spice up your D&D sessions and love Destiny over nearly everything else, then D&Destiny might be the tabletop game for you.

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