Edit Gives PS5 DualSense Controller A Classic PlayStation Makeover

Sony's PlayStation is a monumental landmark for video games and its fanbase has shown loyalty and dedication to its products for generations. As anticipated titles for the next-generation PS5 continue to launch, however, some fans have enjoyed taking a nostalgic look back at previous console generations in the PlayStation family.

Gamepad controllers have contributed largely to an individual, personalized collection when it comes to PlayStation, with modern controllers allowing for modification or a color scheme that they may prefer. From the PS1 up to the PS5 there have been many controller colors and designs, and one fan edit breathes color into the PS5's DualSense with a nostalgic touch that may be sentimental to fans of the original system.

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TheNextPablo has shared an edited image that places the color schema of an original PS1 controller onto the design layout of a PS5 DualSense controller. The edit's coat of paint effectively transforms it into a PS1 controller with the same light grey coloring and returns its face buttons to their original colors as well. Lights still shine through from behind the DualSense's centered touch pad, but PlayStation's insignia button at the center of the controller is reimagined to be in full color like the insignia itself. It is a classic touch on a modern controller, whose haptic feedback and other features have won the hearts of fans.

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For the uninitiated, the original PS1 controllers came in a solid light grey. Directional buttons, the select button, and the start button are a slightly darker grey, as well as the logos for both PlayStation and Sony in dark grey on the front. The only remarkable color depicted on the controller is its face buttons representing square, triangle, circle, and either X or cross.

The PS5's DualSense controller has divided fans who have managed to get their hands on the elusive next-generation console, with its bulkier frame and sleek white-on-black design. Most notably, the DualSense controller has omitted the traditional color signifiers for its individual face buttons and its buttons in general are stickier. Rather, some fans prefer PlayStation's DualShock 4 controllers to the DualSense because of its leaner frame, responsive buttons, and solid black default color.

Fans remark that the controller itself is seminal for PlayStation and a fair foundation from which PlayStation controllers would evolve. There is also a version of the PS1 controller that has analog sticks, similar to modern PlayStation controllers. But while many fans would jump at the chance to purchase a nostalgic PS1-inspired DualSense controller, some fans are still unable to secure themselves a PS5 in the first place. Still, this fan edit demonstrates fans' admiration for the PlayStation's controllers throughout generations.

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