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Genshin Impact's Lost Riches event features a number of Special Treasures that players can dig up for a variety of rewards. However, before a fan can claim their prizes, they must first find the Secret Troves, and that can prove to be slightly difficult. For those players that may be having some trouble tracking down the second Special Treasure in Genshin Impact, details on its exact location can be found in this guide.

To put things simply, players that are looking for the second Secret Trove should turn their attention to Fort Mumei, which is situated to the west of Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact's Inazuma nation. More specifically, fans should use a Waverider to reach the western-most point of the Fort, and they will find an arch and an Electrogranum plant there. For full clarity, there is a map below that showcases the location that is being described.

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Upon arrival at this location, players' Treasure-Seeking Seelies should immediately materialize and lead them to the precise spot where they can dig. Performing this action will cause a device to emerge from the ground near the aforementioned Electrogranum plant, and it serves as the starting point to a puzzle that must be solved. While fans that have already collected the first Special Treasure in Genshin Impact will be quite familiar with this type of puzzle, some players may still find it slightly confusing.

The first step toward solving the second Secret Trove puzzle is to walk onto the device that was dug up previously. This will cause the device to illuminate, and fans will now be instructed to light up the floor according to the map in Genshin Impact. The map that is being referenced by this instruction will eventually be found by navigating to the second Special Treasure from within the Lost Riches menu, and players should work to light up the squares on the ground that correspond to the blue squares on the map.

To note, it is said that the relevant map will "eventually" be in that spot due to the fact that it is actually not in the game at the time of writing. That is because the location of the second Special Treasure was found a bit head of schedule. However, Genshin Impact players that are persistent can brute force the solution, though they may need to try quite a number of patterns before they ultimately receive their rewards.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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