Hyper Scape is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One on August 11

hyper scape

Ubisoft’s sci-fi free to play battle royale shooter Hyper Scape was announced out of the blue earlier this month, and entered open beta on PC shortly afterward, with Ubisoft saying that the game would launch in full and also come to consoles this Summer. Now, they’ve provided an exact date for when that will be happening.

In a new trailer detailing the full launch of Hyper Scape’s first season, Ubisoft have confirmed that the shooter will be launching in full on PC and also coming to PS4 and Xbox One on August 11. When it does, it will also be adding a new weapon called Dragonfly, and a new Hack called Magnet. Season 1 – called “The First Principle” – will also kick off the game’s ongoing narrative, which you can follow by reading the in-game comics, and by tracking down a new Memory Shard on the game’s map every week.

New limited time game modes are also being added, while new events will also be coming up. Meanwhile, free and premium versions of the game’s battle pass have also been confirmed, with the latter being a 100-tier one as opposed to the the 30-tier battle pass during the beta period.

Hyper Scape is currently in open beta on PC until August 2. It’ll be interesting to see if the game launches on the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year (it probably will, especially if it’s successful), but Ubisoft haven’t said anything about that yet.

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