Myst: Generator Switches Puzzle Solution

Almost everyone that has played Myst knows how confusing the generator puzzle can be in the first playthrough. It has a total of ten buttons, all which appear to do nothing. However, as it always does, Mystprovides subtle hints that lead to an answer.

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If players look behind them, they will see a sheet of paper. It shows that the power is indicated by the dial on the left, and ship power is shown on the dial to the right. Voltage should reach 59 on the left for power output, and 59 on the right for ship power. With that in mind, use the following tips to complete the puzzle.

Generator Puzzle Solution


All that the player has to do is press the top six buttons and the bottom right button. It does not matter in what order, as long as all of the buttons are pressed. If done successfully, players will unlock the Journeyman Electrician award.

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Now that the island has power, there are a few other things players can do. First, climb up the two ladders below the power lines leading to the ship. By turning the levers, the spaceship will receive power. With the spaceship powered up, there is yet another puzzle to solve.

Spaceship Puzzle


Inside of the spaceship players will find a soundboard with five different sliding controls. It is impossible to figure this one out without a bit of help. The sliders should be positioned as follows:

  • First slider: Slightly above the bottom of the scale
  • Second slider: About halfway between the top and bottom of the scale
  • Third slider: Slightly higher than the third slider
  • Fourth slider: About a third of the way from the bottom to the top of the scale
  • Fifth slider: About the same height as the first slider.

It is difficult to explain the precise settings in words alone, so see the above picture for reference. Complete the puzzle and a book will appear, which will take players to the Selenitic Age.

The Selenitic Age


For those who are unfamiliar, Myst has five different ages that are accessed through the five age books. Click on the book, and it will transport the person to another realm. Each realm is a different map, full of even more difficult puzzles to complete. Players need to make sure they are ready before entering an age, as it may take some time to get out.

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In the Selenitic Age, gamers will need to identify five different images and use them to return back to Myst. Players should keep in mind that there will be one red page and one blue page in each age. Make sure to pick up both of them, to unlock all of the different endings to the game.

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