Neat Microphones Bumblebee 2 review: a deeply versatile mic at a most reasonable price

Turtle Beach has dominated the world of gaming headsets for some time now, but in recent months, the company has been angling to make a more fully-fledged run at another audio market – that of high-end microphones. It’s a natural expansion, and one that of course fits well with the streaming ambitions of many gamers.

For Turtle Beach, key to this expansion is a sub-brand; Neat Microphones. Neat is its own company, but is owned by Turtle Beach, and there’s undoubtedly some technology and knowledge crossover between the two. Neat has been around for a little while, but just made its European debut with a small selection of microphone products a few months ago.

My first brush with Neat is the Bumblebee 2, a surprisingly compact little desktop USB microphone that nevertheless packs a pretty impressive punch for its size and price bracket. Here’s the key stats to be aware of:

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