PS5 Moved Over 43,000 Units In Spain For Launch Week; Xbox Series X/S Cleared Over 14,100

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This month was a big one for both Sony and Microsoft. They entered into a new generation of consoles with the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It seems that both launches went well for them with Sony saying the PS5 was their biggest console launch ever and Microsoft saying the Series X/S was also their largest console launch ever. Today we got some numbers from Spain to kind of zoom in to see specifically what it did for that region.

As reported by Vandal, the PS5 moved roughly 43,000 units in the region with a split of 38,000 for the disc version and 5,000 for the digital edition. Microsoft’s numbers were around 14,100 with splits going 10,500 for the Series X and 3,600 for Series S.

While the numbers look stark between the two, this is pretty in line with previous systems. As Vandal outlines, Microsoft has moved almost the exact same amount with the last two generations with the Xbox One clearing 15,000 and the Xbox 360 falling just short of that with 14,900.

Sony is about the same, but overall there is an upward trajectory for them. The PS5 actually had a slightly better launch week than the last three generations with 38,000 for the PS4, 35,000 for the PS3 and 40,000 for the PS2. Probably the biggest outliner is the PSP that sold 54,000, which is…pretty random. Big thanks to the folks at ResetERA for translations on that.

In general, Sony has always had a bigger foothold in Europe so the lopsided numbers aren’t that surprising, and of course, this is only launch week in a single region, so it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the broad scheme of things. However, in Spain, it looks like this gen will probably play out in similar fashion to the last.

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