Silent Hill 2 Listing Suggests Pyramid Head Is Getting a ‘Special Origin Story’ [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: A statement sent to Eurogamer from Konami confirms that the Best Buy listing contained “incorrect information.” The Silent Hill 2 description that says Pyramid Head will have an “origin story” has since been removed.

Original story: A lot of horror fans are looking forward to Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2. However, a recent listing of the upcoming game has some concerned about how it’ll handle the original game’s main antagonist.

Could be a misquote, though

According to a number of people who spotted the listing recently, Best Buy describes the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake as having a “special origin story for Pyramid Head.” It also suggests that fans will get to “play through” as them.

Some appear perturbed by this possibility, as playing as Pyramid Head through an origin story would likely undermine the impact the “fan favorite” character has on Silent Hill 2’s symbolism and significance.


— James Galizio @ P5T (@Theswweet) November 4, 2023

However, there are those who remain hopeful that the Best Buy description may not be what many think it is. A thread on Reddit shows some believe it to be in reference to “Born From a Wish,” a side story that has players controlling Maria.

Additionally, a report from PCGamesN suggests it could be a misquote from Silent Hill 2 artist Masahiro Ito. The quote reads: “Pyramid Head is coming back…A new journey for those who know the original, and his origin story for those who know that character.”

As such, it’s possible that some are misreading what the listing says. In any case, it may cause more than a few fans to be a little wary about the remake, especially after the disappointment that was the recent Silent Hill: Ascension.

At the moment, we don’t have an official release date for Silent Hill 2, but some speculate it could be coming out early 2024. It’ll be available on PS5 and PC, and is being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

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