Someone should make a game about: Transformers


There are, according to my insultingly brief wiki search, thirty-odd games about the characters in the various continuities that make up the Transformers franchise. Dating all the way back to 1985, just a year after Hasbro unleashed The Best Thing Ever on the world. Although there have been a few highlights (I'm rather partial to Platinum's gloriously cel-shaded robobiffer, myself) by and large they're absolute bobbins.

Thing is, none of them are about the absolute best thing about Transformers, which is the toys themselves. Robots that transform into vehicles, cassette players, animals, differently shaped robots and even buildings (take THAT, Tom Hanks) is a bloomin' brilliant concept to start with, and they're just loads of fun to play with. Taking what can be a perfectly normal looking toy car and converting it to a (usually) humanoid robot with a few twists and turns is so satisfying, especially if you can figure it out for yourself.

Unfortunately, this particular pleasure is getting harder and harder to come by. Modern Transformers toys tend to be much more complicated than their earliest incarnations, especially those produced with adult collectors in mind. And with the fancier examples costing hundreds of pounds and featuring some rather delicate parts, you can't blame anyone for taking a gander at the instructions rather than risk breaking their new Haslab Unicron.

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