Spider-Man’s First PC Mod Is A Symbiote Suit, Because Of Course It Is

Spider-Man Remastered just launched on PC, and its first mod is a symbiote suit, because of course it is.

One of the most exciting parts of a game getting ported to PC is that you just know that it’s going to have a ton of mods made for it within a couple of days. Nowhere is that potential more overflowing than with Spider-Man, as there are tons of suits and character swaps that are just begging to be made. Thankfully, on the day of its release, its first-ever mod fulfils a pretty big fan request.

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The first mod made available for Spider-Man Remastered on PC is the Advanced Symbiote Suit mod, which takes Insomniac’s version of Peter Parker’s main suit and turns it into the symbiote costume we’ve all wanted to see. The mod also gives the civilian version of Peter Parker that we occasionally get to control a suit and tie, as a nice little reference to Spider-Man 3.

The Advanced Symbiote Suit mod comes courtesy of modder jedijosh920, whose work on Spider-Man we’ve featured on the site several times in the past, although their mods have never been available to download up until now due to the lack of an official PC release of the game. Whether they’ll now start making some of their more popular mods available to download isn’t clear, but we’ve at least got this first one.

On the release of the mod, jedijosh920 said, “We create the first released DAY ONE file mod for Spider-Man PC using my Spider-Man PC Tool, which is…the most requested suit, Advanced Symbiote Black Suit.”

It’s still very early days for Spider-Man Remastered modding, but there are already a few others that have started popping up on NexusMods. Aside from a few technical ones that change graphical settings, most of the mods so far focus on being able to play as Peter Parker and changing his outfit, including one that gives him “drip”.

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