The Witcher 3: How To Unlock The Master Armorer Quest

During your long adventure in The Witcher 3, you'll pick up many different pieces of armor. Some of them will even be good, but to get the best sets in the game, you'll likely need to craft them. And not just anyone with a hammer can create the most useful gear. If you want the best, you'll need a master armorer.

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Unfortunately, people capable of creating master-level gear aren't easy to come by. After all, there are only four of them in all of Witcher 3 — three of which are in DLC. So, if you want help finding these people on the game's giant map, here is all the information you need.

The Master Armorer Yoana's Location

When you ask people in The Witcher 3 about master armorers, many will point you in the direction of Fergus Graem. So, you must talk to the famed Dwarf, who resides within Crow's Perch – close to the notice board.

When you tell him that you're looking for a master armorer and subsequently explain what sort of armor you're looking for, he doesn't think it's possible to build. His assistant Yoana then interrupts and disagrees with her boss. She claims the durable but light armor Geralt wants is possible to make with the right tools. The conversation triggers the 'Master Armorer' quest in which you fetch said gear. You need to complete the quest to unlock the use of Yoana's master-level talents, as she is the actual master armorer, not Fergus Graem.

Runeswright Location (Hearts Of Stone Only)

The Hearts of Stone DLC adds a new type of craftsman in the game called a Runeswright. He's in the northeastern corner of the Velen/Novigrad map, around the Upper Mill. At first, he'll be in a tent, but he'll soon move around the corner when he gets set up.

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The man from Ofieri specializes in crafting enhancements for your gear. However, he can also make master-level armor and weapons once you've paid for his upgrades. Unfortunately, he charges more than other armorers. Plus, you need to do a short fetch quest for him before he's willing to craft.

Unnamed Master Armorer Location (Blood And Wine Only)

One master armorer that some don't know about is part of the Blood and Wine expansion. You can find him in Beauclair, around the corner from the Nilfgaard Embassy signpost. His store is easy to notice because it's bright blue.

He's not a true character like the other best armorers, nor does he even have a name. Still, he can craft the master-level gear, which is the most important thing. Gwent players will want to meet him, too, as the man holds the Kambi card of the Skellige deck, which is one of the most useful cards in the game.

The Grandmaster Smith Lazare Lafargue's Location (Blood And Wine Only)

For those who've downloaded the Blood and Wine expansion, there is an armor level above Master called Grandmaster. The only man who can make the highest level of armor is named Lazare Lafargue.

The craftsman is located in Beauclair, directly between The Gran Place and Metinna Gate — not far from another Master Armorer. You don't need to complete a quest to make use of Lazare's talents, but for the Grandmaster gear, you'll need the right diagrams.

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