Valis Trilogy Re-releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC

The OG Bikini-Armor Warrior

Way back in the day (not my day, but even earlier), there was a game called Valis: The Fantasm Soldier that came out on PC. It was one of those side-scrolling games where you play as a warrior is also a high school student for some reason. There were a few more games to round out the Valis series, which saw additions like new playable characters. While the gameplay was not too impressive at the time, Valis: The Fantasm Soldier was highly praised for its use of in-game cutscenes, which were pretty special at the time. Edia has announced that the Valis trilogy will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Valis Trilogy

In addition to the release of these games on Nintendo Switch, the PC versions will also be reprinted for a modern release. This campaign is being crowdfunded and is expected to bear the fruits of their efforts later this year. Crowdfunding contributors will be getting t-shirts and coffee mugs with original designs printed on them, as well as a thank you in the game’s credits. Though there are more than three Valis games, Valis IV was ported to the SNES in 1992 and is currently available to play on Switch through Nintendo Switch Online.

There is also Valis X, which came out in 2006, but took an extreme deviation from the roots of the series. In Valis X, the first four games are retold in a visual novel form with a ton of lesbian and tentacle sex. As much as we would like to see that on the Switch (for research purposes, of course), don’t expect any such thing. Hopefully, we will see the original Valis trilogy on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Have you played any of the Valis games? Be honest. Let us know in the comments below.


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