Venom 2’s Release Date Has Been Moved To October 1

Venom: Let There Be Carnage will now hit theaters on October 1, two weeks before its most recently rescheduled release date.

Almost every movie slated to hit theaters at some point in the past 18 months has been subject to a delay, most of them being hit with multiple. However, there aren't many that have been pushed back as many times as Venom: Let Their Be Carnage. The Sony sequel was moved to an October 15 release date recently, with rumors abound that it might shift again, this time all the way to January 2022.

As was feared, Sony has decided not to keep Venom 2 in its October 15 release date. The studio hasn't tacked three more months onto what has already been a long wait, though. It has actually taken two weeks off. Venom 2 will now hit theaters on October 1 which means it will avoid having to go head to head with Halloween Kills during its opening weekend.

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It's believed Sony was worried about how Venom 2 will perform at the box office. Even though theaters are open and retrictions have been lifted in many parts of the world, people might still be wary about sitting in a crowded cinema. However, the performance of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings may have caused the sudden change of heart.

The latest installment in the MCU made $90 million during its own opening weekend. Not only is that a Labor Day record, by quite the margin, but it's also more than the first Venom movie made during its own opening weekend in 2018. The first Venom movie actually boasted the best opening weekend in October ever, but had its record taken by Joker a year later.

Venom 2 now has its very own weekend in October, a month that is teeming with blockbuster releases. Well, at least in the US. The Marvel movie's sales might drop off somewhat in week two when No Time To Die debuts in the states. However, the new Bond movie arrives in the UK a week earlier, which means it will be going head to head with Let There Be Carnage for its first seven days.

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