Hypercharge: Unboxed Confirms Single Player Campaign Mode

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a concentrated dose of nostalgia for kids who grew up playing with action figures and army men. The four-player co-op shooter developed by British studio Digital Cybercherries lets players take the role of action figures banding together to fight off dangerous enemies and survive in otherwise mundane places within a normal home. Digital Cybercherries announced during Gamescom 2021 that the popular shooter would be adding a little something for solo players with a single player campaign coming to the title.

Released in early 2020 on the Nintendo Switch and a couple months later on Steam, Hypercharge: Unboxed features a mix of shooter and tower defense gameplay as players explore the house and build to defend their 'HYPER-CORE'. Hypercharge: Unboxed has received frequent updates since its release with the most recent adding bots and a third-person camera to the shooter. Now, Digital Cybercherries has unveiled the next major feature coming to the game: a full-fledged PvE campaign for solo players.

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Digital Cybercherries unveiled the suite of features coming to the shooter's upcoming single player campaign during a trailer revealed during Gamescom. Players will be able to learn Hypercharge: Unboxed's lore through a visual comic, learning about the past of Sgt. Max Ammo. The trailer promises a suite of "90's-inspired" platforming challenges and bosses for players to undertake, teasing eager players with what lies beyond the home's garden.

Developer Digital Cybercherries has mentioned in the past, even directly in the game's Steam page, how Hypercharge: Unboxed pays homage to "classic toy movies" of the late 90's and early 2000's. Films like Toy Storyand Small Soldiers are mentioned as some of the main references behind the 'action figure'-inspired shooter. No release date was given for when Hypercharge: Unboxed players would be able to dive into the game's single player offerings, with a simple "Coming Soon" listed for the update's release.

Toys being the star of video games is nothing new, as developers have sought to capture that childhood wonder many times. Franchises like Hot Wheels have long-lasting histories in video games, while other titles like Toy Soldiers similarly put players in control of the little green army men. The newest update should give interested solo players more reason to pick up the toy-inspired title, especially with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports confirmed to be joining the Switch and Steam versions at a later date.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is available now on PC and Switch. Xbox One and PS4 versions are in development.

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