Warner Bros.' MultiVersus feels like a blend of Super Smash Bros. and IP law

At first glance it’s hard to tell if Warner Bros. MultiVersus, a Smash Bros.-like fighting game featuring various Warner-owned characters like Batman, that yellow dog off of Adventure Time, and Shaggy, is more of a quick hustle piggybacking on misplaced metaverse hype, or an actually-quite-fun video game. Either way we were equal parts intrigued and horrified by that latest trailer, so we’ve been playing a little of its closed alpha in our spare time and honestly, we’re still not sure what to make of it. So we decided to have a chat and figure things out.

Martin Robinson: So, multiverses are quite the thing now I guess? I just went to see Everything Everywhere All at Once at the weekend, which was great! And then I just played Warner Bros’ MultiVersus, which is also a thing…

Chris Tapsell: Loony Toons Metaweb 3.0 you mean


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