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15 Best Things to Unlock After Finishing These Video Games

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While it’s nice to have more content to run through when finishing a game’s story, sometimes you just want a nice reward for all that hard work. It could be something to make subsequent playthroughs easier, a cool bonus on top of everything else or even a fitting epilogue. Let’s take a look at 15 games which offer these rewards (and more).

Final Fantasy 15 – Regalia Type F

While it’s fun to explore the world of Eos by casually driving around, you’ll want something faster and more convenient when the story is over. The Regalia Type F is the perfect answer – it’s unlocked by clearing three Imperial bases (the third base has a recommended level of 46 but it’s better to do it after finishing the story). Though it can’t be used for exploring the sea and needs a road to land on, this pseudo-airship is fast and doesn’t require fuel, which is a nice bonus.

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