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343 Industries Adds Difficult Bots In Halo Infinite Preview Update

We’ve been hearing plenty about Halo Infinite’s preview this weekend, as select players were able to give the game a test run, though they're restricted to playing against bots. Multiplayer bots are a new feature for Halo, so part of this preview has been for 343 Industries to get feedback on how the bots function.

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An editor from Eurogamer explained that, in their experience, the bots were incredibly easy to deal with at first. But because of this, 343 Industries launched an update that added both a new map and ODST bots. Contrary to the initial experience, these bots were significantly harder to deal with because they are “accurate, aggressive and ruthless.”


Even Halo players that are seasoned in the game are struggling against these foes, so it’s clear that 343 Industries took some feedback seriously. Instead of games that simply up the stats of enemies, the AI has been dramatically improved, and these bots will be strategic in how they take you down.

In other Halo Infinite news, players have spotted a menu on the Halo website that might indicate that Halo Infinite will have multiple campaigns. There is an option labeled “campaigns” on the menu which suggests that you’ll be able to click on it and choose from multiple ones. It could be a mistake, but for now, we’re choosing to hold onto the hope that it’s intentional.

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