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No More Heroes 3 is an action game. That term these days is pretty vague, but that's good in this case, because there is a lot of action of different kinds happening almost all the time. Mech suit battles, suplexing enemies, swift sword-based combat – all of that would be enough, but Suda51 and his wacky team decided that No More Heroes 3 also required motorcycle races where you literally take other cars off of the street.

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Here's the story: street races are causing chaos on the streets and hurting people, including one NPC's grandma. These cars and ruining Santa Destroy's city streets, and therefore, they need to be taken down. Thus, Travis steps in with his motorcycle and promises to run the racers off the road – which is a pretty brutal way to deal with the situation, but hey, sure, why not. Read through our tips below for everything you need to find, unlock, and win these motorcycle race missions.

Where To Find Bike Missions


You'll be able to undertake Bike Missions from the Luchaco gas station in Santa Destroy – this is just a short distance South from Travis' No More Heroes motel, near a Toilet save point on the map. The first time you approach this NPC, they will appear as a ? on the map, and after that it will appear as a yellow flag.

Bike Mission Controls


The controls are very simple, and if you've played any driving game, you'll probably know what to expect. You will accelerate with ZR, and use ZL to brake. The brake is very swift, and the physics are a bit funky, at best. You will want to practice using quick taps of the brake to get around corners without slamming into a wall.

You also can press the Y button for a Nitro Boost. You can hold the button for a long boost, and your Nitro gauge in the top right of the screen will refill as you collect purple gems on the road, or take down other cars.

Your Goal In Bike Missions


Your aim is to take down the car at the front of the pack by catching up and slamming into them – this will take multiple attempts depending on how large their health bar is. Travis doesn't take damage in these missions, but he can slow down when slamming into a wall or hitting a civilian vehicle. That doesn't mean you can't fail though – there is a timer.

The timer is constantly ticking down, and you'll get boosts of around three seconds each time you take a non-civilian car off the road by crashing into them. Make sure to slam through cars, pick up items, and use the Nitro Boost to catch up to the cars racing and take them all off the road. Getting the extra cars is great for your timer, but you should never prioritise hitting them over the car at the front – that should always be the main target.

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