Dead by Daylight Announces Release Date for Hellraiser DLC

Dead by Daylight players are always eager to share their opinion of the game and its newest updates. The community loves sharing their elaborate wish lists for character they would look to see appear, and Behaviour Interactive's announcement teasers excite fans with speculation about who may be included next. As for Hellraiser's Pinhead, fans have continued to share excitement toward Dead by Daylight's newest downloadable-content.

Some Dead by Daylight DLCs have introduced new survivor characters and map realms alongside a new killer, though that isn't the case with Dead by Daylight's addition of the Hellraiser franchise. Pinhead is set to arrive in Dead by Daylight as a lone killer, and players were able to experience the character's abilities and add-ons in a Public Test Build that took place last month. Today, it was announced that fans of both Hellraiser and Dead by Daylight do not have long to wait for Pinhead's arrival.

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From their time playing as and against Pinhead in the PTB, players have discerned that the killer's mid-ranged capabilities and passive chain traps make the Cenobite an interesting and unique character in Dead by Daylight. PTBs are offered on PC before new content launches that allow players to experience it in a beta test for the developers, and also demonstrate that the newly announced content is arriving soon to the game. Behaviour Interactive has recently announced that Dead by Daylight's latest downloadable-content is set to launch next week on September 7.

Pinhead is an excting inclusion for fans of the graphic metaseries and its gruesome cenobite characters. Of course, fans continue to share their desires for other licensed franchises and IPs in Dead by Daylight, and the news that a larger DLC that is now well-established is soon being removed has been upsetting for some.

As fans welcome in a new killer, they must also part ways soon with a significant DLC. A recent announcement explained that particular Stranger Things content will be removed from Dead by Daylight in November and will not be purchasable afterward. Fortunately, fans will have access to survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as well as the Demogorgon killer character if they purchase the Stranger Things content before it is removed, but the Hawkins Laboratory map realm will be discontinued ubiquitously thereafter.

Further, Behaviour has shared today that the RPD map realm, which was added as part of Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil DLC, is temporarily disabled again due to security issues. So while many fans are eagerly looking ahead to Hellraiser's Pinhead arriving next week, players are disheartened that there are still many bugs and issues that they must contend with in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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