Demon Slayer: Hilarious Tanjiro Memes That Will Have You Cry Laughing

The overall story of Demon Slayer isn't for the faint of heart. Filled with grief, violence, and heartache, this shounen anime does a fantastic job of having many layers of depth to its world, characters, and storytelling. However, for those brief moments protagonist, Tanjiro, isn't faced with near-death, his adventures with his friends can be quite entertaining.

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While the story may be heavy, Demon Slayer makes sure to add in lots of comedic relief to give their cast character and personality. While Tanjiro may be a demon hunter in intense training, the hilarious faces he pulls when goofing around are too hard not to make memes out of.

9 Rest In Peace, Doge-Ito & Pup-Komo

Apparently, Tanjiro is so likable that he's even able to make friends with comrades that contact him from beyond the grave. Before Tanjiro's official demon hunter days, he needed all the help he could get; and former students Sabito and Makomo couldn't help themselves from stepping in to ensure Tanjiro's success.

Perhaps this meme is a bit sad, but it's no doubt that the look on Doge Tanjiro's face definitely does a great job of softening the harsh memories that accompany this particular arc. Doge Sabito and Makomo will live on forever in fans' hearts!

8 The Backbone Of The Family

Having to travel all across the land with a family member on your back already seems like a difficult journey on its own. However, this meme reimagines the Demon Slayer universe and poses a question; what if Tanjiro's entire family all changed into demons?

Would Tanjiro's encounter with Giyu be different? Tanjiro was barely able to fight off Nezuko; so the thought of poor Tanjiro fighting off his entire family of demons would be an awful image. However, this hilarious reimagining also shows what Tanjiro's (already exhausting) journey would have looked like had his entire family survived.

That then leaves fans with another question: Would Tanjiro put his entire family into one singular box or carry each one of them individually in a box of their own?

7 Stuck in The Middle

The series' main trio may not have gotten along right from the beginning of their journey, but over time, it's clear that Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke all grew to truly care about one another as a team. However, just like any friend group, the three are still subject to their quarrels every once in a while.

This take on the "woman yelling at cat meme" is a great portrayal of how poor Tanjiro always finds himself caught in the middle of the constant bickering between Zenitsu scolding Inosuke for his outlandish behavior. Although the two are always butting heads, leave it to the kind-hearted Tanjiro to try his best to keep the peace.

6 The Demon Hunter With A Heart Of Gold

A common joke across the Demon Slayer fandom is how unbelievably kind and compassionate Tanjiro is throughout the series. In a world where demons are generally dismissed as horrible monsters that do nothing but kill, Tanjiro still finds himself able to sympathize with them.

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Tanjiro's kind heart is what allows him to connect with each demon he kills, often offering them some kind of closure before their end. It's wild to imagine how soft-hearted such a strong demon hunter can be!

5 A Monstrously Long Story

This hilarious meme perfectly captures the same helpless feeling a child has when desperately trying to explain a concept that is clearly beyond them and their vocabulary. Tanjiro trying to explain to everyone around him Nezuko's unique case of transformation is a difficult sell even with the adorable Nezuko by his side to prove her own innocence.

It seems as if no matter what the siblings do, they find themselves backed into a corner when it comes to convincing others that Nezuko is different from other demons and wouldn't dare harm human beings.

4 An Eye For An Eye Makes A Boar Go Blind

Tanjiro may be a soft-hearted protagonist, but that doesn't stop him from toughening up when it comes to defending his loved ones. Fans couldn't help but point out Tanjiro's quick display of hypocrisy during one of the first encounters he has with fellow demon hunter, Inosuke.

This meme definitely sums up Inosuke's (and everyone else's) response to Tanjiro passionately exclaiming that demon hunters shouldn't turn against one another while punching his opponent just moments later.

Who could blame Tanjiro for wanting to defend a helpless Zenitsu when all he wanted to do was help protect Nezuko!

3 Anything For Family

Tanjiro may still be a young boy but when his beloved sister finds herself in danger, Tanjiro summons an inner demon himself (no pun intended). All the intense training and numerous wounds Tanjiro must deal with on his journey is no match for the bond between family.

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It seems as if Tanjiro is capable of overcoming any obstacle and ignore any fatal wound to his body whenever Nezuko is in trouble and the only explanation has to be their sibling bond.

Let this meme be a lesson to any demons that ever try to mess with the adorable Nezuko!

2 Lost In Translation

Often time when it comes to anime, certain things get lost in translation; whether it be the meaning of a character's name, a fighting technique, or even the main title of the series. The original Japanese title for Demon Slayer is "Kimetsu No Yaiba," which roughly translates into "blade of demon destruction". However, in the localization process, the title was simplified to "Demon Slayer".

Unfortunately, technology used for translations isn't quite where it needs to be in 2021, and so even the best of programs, like Google Translate, are guilty of bad translations in anime.

Perhaps the poorly translated "devil's blade" isn't the most eloquent or edgy sounding take, but still did a fair job in simplifying the original Japanese title.

1 *Judges You With A Kind Heart*

Deku and Tanjiro have a ton in common; not only are they both green protagonists of shounen anime, but they're also both incredibly passionate about protecting their loved ones and have a big heart. However, every now and then, even the best boys like Tanjiro and Deku can't help but judge the bizarre behavior of those around them.

Although Deku's meme was an actual screencap from My Hero Academia, Tanjiro (of course) had his phone edited in. Apparently, fans couldn't help but put these two iconic protagonists side by side for this meme; perfect for when words just aren't enough to express a comedic sense of disappointment for those embarrassing moments.

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