Destiny 2 Tip Helped Players Cheese Hollowed Lair Nightfall Fanatic Boss

Cheeses are nothing new in the world of Destiny 2 as players are constantly searching for ways to make the toughest endgame activities just a little bit easier. Players can find cheese methods for strikes, dungeons, and raids, whether they are running those with a full team or feel brave enough to attempt them solo. The latest cheese coicides with the start of Season of the Lost and will help players trying to avoid getting too close to the leader of the Scorn.

YouTuber Mactics shared the latest cheese he discovered, with the help of his community, inside The Hollowed Lair strike during the first week of Season of the Lost. The Hollowed Lair was the first nightfall for the season, confirming players' suspicions it would be one of the strikes in the nightfall rotation so they can prepare for the grandmaster version later in the season.

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Mactics' cheese occurs within the final boss room as players do battle against the Scorn's dark leader Fikrul, also known as The Fanatic. Mactics points out when The Fanatic transports players into the air to pull them toward him, players momentum is carrying through the teleport sequence. This means if a players is moving backwards while being teleported, they will continue moving backwards once in the air and vice versa.

While at first glance it may not seem like much of a cheese, this could prove to be extremely useful later in the season. The Hollowed Lair is set to be one of the strikes in Season of the Lost's grandmaster rotation later on, as mentioned above, which will see a significant spike in difficulty. One way it is made more difficult is harder hitting bosses, especially with ground-pound attacks each boss can use to keep players at a distance and, in some cases, kill players in one hit.

Given the level of difficulty in most of the endgame activities in Destiny 2, the community is receptive to anything that can help beat said activities. In some cases, it simply becomes a question of if Bungie either patches out cheeses found in these activities or allows players to continue using it.

One example of the latter is the teleport cheese during the fight with Riven in the Last Wish raid. Rather than doing the intentional method of memorizing Riven's eye sequences, players will watch for what side she appears on and use an out-of-bounds glitch to teleport back to the spawn room and run to the other side if she does not appear in the first room. It does have the potential of shortening the fight significantly, but the trade-off is players will wipe and restart the encounter if they don't do enough damage.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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