E3 2021 – 10 Things Players Disliked About It

After skipping a year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo made its return in grand fashion. Just like the good old days, we have multiple showcases and world premieres. However, not everything was a hit and even with current events taking their toll on the industry, there are still a few things that stood as relatively annoying (or were just outright hated). Let’s take a look at 10 of them here.

Strange of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin aka Chaos Reigns

You could point to other titles in Square Enix’s showcase as being disliked but Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is on top. This is a combination that should have made an immediate impression – Team Ninja of Nioh fame working on a hack and slash Souls-like set in Final Fantasy 1’s universe. Plus, it was a surprise announcement – it had to make an impact regardless. It certainly made an impact and unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what Square Enix had in mind. From the cheesy dialogue and meme-rific spouting of “CHAOS” to the unimpressive aesthetic and blandly designed main character, Stranger of Paradise garnered mixed reactions. And unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it.

The trial went live on PS5 right after the debut trailer – surely the gameplay was solid, right? No sooner had fans downloaded it than they discovered the trial was corrupted and wouldn’t play. Square Enix would release an update to get it working and even then, impressions have been mixed. From what should have been a bright new debut to a floundering on all fronts, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s arrival has been painful to witness.

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