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Far Cry 6: A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Guide

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Most puzzles within the treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are relatively easy to solve, however, there are several that may prove challenging for players. One of the most difficult puzzles that players can attempt in Far Cry 6 is the door puzzle featured in the “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt.

To start the treasure hunt, players must travel to the southern coast of the region of Sierra Perdida. On the coast, players will find a small fishing village that was abandoned by the guerilla fighters residing at the location.

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Interact with the document found inside the orange container to begin the treasure hunt. In the document, the town’s guerrilla leader claims to have hidden a weapon stash from Anton Castillo’s forces that is opened by pressing a series of switches in the correct order.


Inside the house, players will find a series of five switches, each named after a legendary guerilla fighter. There are five boats found across the fishing village that are named after the legends, and each boat contains a clue pertaining to the sequence of its corresponding switch.


El Tigre Del Mar Location

The “El Tigre Del Mar” boat is found directly outside the puzzle location and has the number 1 next to it.


Papi Chulo Location

The “Papi Chulo” is located southwest in the water behind the puzzle location. Inside the boat, players will find a “does not equal 5” sign inside the boat.


Roja Victoria Location

The “Roja Victoria” boat is also found submerged south of the puzzle location. Players should take caution when attempting to inspect the boat, as Far Cry 6‘s sharks are in the area. Underneath the boat players will find a “greater than 3” sign


Clarita Location

The “Clarita” is found in the northernmost point of the search area on top of a shed roof. Underneath the boat, players will find a 4 sign.


El Lucky Location

The “El Lucky” boat is located in the easternmost corner of the search area on top of the roof of a turquoise house. Players will find a 3 sign next to the location of the boat.


Door Combination

With all of the boats found, players will be able to discern that the order of the switches is 1) El Tigre Del Mar 2) Papi Chulo 3) El Lucky 4) Clarita 5) Roja Victoria. Head back inside the puzzle room and enter the combination. If players accidentally push the wrong button, they can easily reset the puzzle by pressing the switch next to the locked door.


After the correct combination has been entered, the door will unlock and players will be able to obtain the 2-star Camo Quinceanera rifle from the chest inside. Like previous treasure hunt rewards, the Camo Quinceanera is a unique Far Cry weapon and cannot be altered at any of the workbenches.

Far Cry 6 releases October 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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