Genshin Impact Character Trailer Highlights Xinyan’s Rocking Style

Genshin Impact - Xinyan

Genshin Impact has already seen the release of update 1.1 which added new quests, a new reputation system and numerous quality of life improvements. However, the main appeal is its new characters including Xinyan. As a 4 star Pyro user, Xinyan is all about performing and rocking on. Check out her character demo below.

Seeking her next big performance, Xinyan is capable of igniting the battlefield and setting enemies ablaze. She’s still capable of dishing out damage with a longsword when necessary though, so don’t worry. Along with Xinyan, update 1.1 also added Childe and Zhongli, two 5 star characters, and Diona, a 4 star character.

The update also added support for Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 5 where it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second. Otherwise, the free to play action RPG can also be experienced on PS4, PC, iOS and Android with a Nintendo Switch port in the works. Stay tuned for more details on the next update, which adds the Dragonspine region, in the coming weeks.

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