Genshin Impact: How to Solve the Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue

Throughout Watatsumi Island, Genshin Impact players will find a number of NPCs in need of the Traveller's assistance. Completing these world quests allows Genshin Impact players to earn many Primogems while exploring the newly added islands.

On the West Coast of Watatsumi Island, players will find an NPC on the beach named Kumi, who requires the player's help in preparing an offering to a deceased childhood friend. After speaking with Kumi, she will request the player bring her three Sakura Blooms.

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If players don't have any Sakura Blooms in their inventory, they can easily find three in the Grand Narukami Shrine area. After obtaining the Sakura Blooms, return to Kumi to continue the quest.


Head to the Hilichurl Camp in the West

After submitting the Sakura blooms, Kumi will ask the Traveller to check in on a researcher who was last seen near a Hilichurl camp on the west coast of the Island. Head to the Hilichurl camp and defeat the Hilichurls surrounding the researcher.

Solve the Puzzle of the Watatsumi Statue

Once players successfully rescue the researcher, she will inform the player of a possible treasure in the area. Players will notice three elemental totems (two electro, one hydro) in the area. Unfortunately, one of the Electro totems is blocked by an Electro barrier bubble.


To access the blocked totem, proceed behind the Hilichurl hut and activate the Electrogranum plant. After activating the plant, head back to the Hilichurl hut and deactivate the barrier.


If a player's Electrogranum level is insufficient to pass through the barrier, players should still be able to activate the blocked totem by shooting it with Fischel's bow or using Lisa's charged attack.


Once the blocked totem has been activated, players must then activate the two remaining totems with an Electro-Spec and Hydro-spec character. After all three totems have been unlocked, players will be able to complete the puzzle next to Anisa.


During this puzzle, players must successfully reach the glowing tile platform by activating all the additional tiles along the way. However, if players step on the same tile twice, they will immediately fail the puzzle.

Start the puzzle by stand on the initial tile and walk towards the floating statue. Once players reach the statue, "Pay Respects at the Statue" to reveal additional tiles.


Follow the newly revealed tiles around to the opposite side and interact with the statue for a second time.


This will reveal an additional tile that should now create a path for the player to reach the end-tile of the puzzle.


Once players complete the puzzle, they will receive an exquisite chest as a reward. Players should be sure to speak to Anita and Kumi one final time as they will be rewarded an additional 40 Primogems for completing the puzzle.


Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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