GTA Online players won’t let this guy perform Hamlet

GTA Online players won’t let this guy perform Hamlet

GTA Online isn't the most hospitable of places. The public servers tend to be unruly, with every step you take from your apartment inching you closer to a rocket from someone else, which is why plenty flock to GTA RP to live out their performance fantasies. However, one player decided to go against the trend by bringing some live art to the public servers, and it cost the poor lad dearly.

Content creator Rustic Mascara had several goes at performing Hamlet in GTA Online's public servers (thanks, Kotaku). Why? To reappropriate "the world of GTA as a space for meditative existentialism through performance and poetry". It mostly doesn't go well, and he dies a bunch.

He starts by performing Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be while standing in a lake sporting an undercut and a tank top. It goes pretty well, and he carries out the monologue in the lake free from passers' eyes. Once he takes to the beach, though – the issues begin. He tries to perform another of Hamlet's monologues but is interrupted by several rockets from other players. He does get there eventually, though not to a great deal of fanfare.

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