How to craft health potions in Horizon Forbidden West


Health potions are one of the most important items that you should keep on your person while traversing the wilds of Horizon Forbidden West. There are three types of health potions you can use to heal Aloy with; small, medium, and large. The larger the health potion, the more health you will get back. Here is how you craft health potions in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Although crafting health potions can be nice, you can also purchase them from various vendors found throughout the game. The three health potion types you can craft require the following materials:

  • Small – Two Medicinal Berries and One Wild Meat
  • Medium – Three Medicinal Berries, Three Wild Meat, and One Vigorstem
  • Large – Five Medicinal Berries, Five Wild Meat, and One Fiberzest

The materials needed to craft the different health potions can be found throughout the wilds. There are two ways that you can craft health potions, either on your person with the Hunter’s Kit or at a base using a workbench.

To craft potions while out in the wilds, hold down on the D-Pad until the menu comes up. You will be able to use the right and left buttons on the D-Pad to select which potion you want to craft. Hold down the X button to craft them once you select them. Crafting potions at a workbench has benefits as well. If you decide to travel back to a camp to use a workbench, you will often spend fewer materials crafting the items. The workbench will also pull from the materials stored in Aloy’s stash and not just in her inventory.

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