Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Voice Casting Part 6’s English Dub

Hirohiko Araki's beloved shonen hit Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is set to premiere its sixth part, Stone Ocean, on Netflix in the coming months. While the Japanese voice cast has been released, the English dub cast is still under wraps, but there are some great choices that should be first on the call sheet.

Subs versus dubs is one of the most ever-present debates in the anime community, but regardless of ideas of purity, some fans are always going to want to hear the shows in their native language. For those fans, an English voice acting cast can make or break an anime series.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6 is an opportunity for characters beloved on the manga page to be fully voiced for the first time, but at least one major character is a returning performance. Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of part 3 and featured player of parts 4 and 5, will be returning to the screen for part 6. With that in mind, his is the easiest casting. Voice acting legend and Dungeon Master to the stars Matthew Mercer has portrayed Jotaro since 2017 and should be the obvious choice for his continued appearance. Both to maintain continuity, and because Mercer's performance is outstanding and iconic.


The most important casting decision is the main character, Jolyne Cujoh. Jolyne is Jotaro's estranged daughter, a fiercely independent hardcore rebel who finds herself in jail. The character has never been voiced in English, only in Japanese, originally by Miyuki Sawashiro and in the upcoming series by Fairouz-Ai Kadota. There are a number of great voice actors to portray this character, but there is one who has been personally clamoring for the role for years in advance.

Kira Buckland is perhaps best known for her performance as 2B in the hit game Nier: Automata, but longtime fans of hers will immediately recognize her love for Jojo and for Jolyne in particular. A glance at her social media will see her in full cosplay of the character and she's repeatedly voiced her desire to portray the character when she is finally dubbed. Buckland has actually already appeared in Jojo, as the upbeat ghost Reimi Sugimoto. Buckland's voice acting career began in the old-school Flash animation community and she has played a wide variety of roles. That combination of experience and passion would make Kira Buckland the perfect choice for Jolyne Cujoh.

Like most Jojo narratives, the main hero is accompanied by a cast of allies, the first of which is Ermes Costello. Ermes is Jolyne's first close friend, an aggressive, headstrong, and loyal fellow prisoner who entered jail willingly to seek vengeance. Ermes is loud and outrageous, often swearing and shouting with real power. On top of that, Ermes has an interesting background, raised by a Mexican immigrant single father.


One fantastic choice for the role would be Monica Rial. Rial is hugely prolific, voicing hundreds of characters since her career began in 1999, and her work spans the breadth of characters and tones. She is perhaps best known right now for her role as Tsuyu Asui AKA Froppy in My Hero Academia, but a role that is very comparable to voicing Ermes would be her performance as Michiko Malandro from Michiko & Hatchin.

Perhaps the strangest character in Jojo part 6 is F.F. Referred to as Foo Fighters in Japan, F.F. is a colony of plankton given more robust life through the careless tossing of a magical item into a nearby ocean. Though they are capable of shapeshifting at will, they take the form of an incarcerated woman and remain in that form to blend in. F.F. is an unusual character, defined mainly by their complete lack of experience with the world around them, leading towards a curious and excitable personality.

The Japanese voice actor for the character is Mariya Ise, who is best known for her role as Killua Zoldyck in Hunter X Hunter. In the English dub, that character is voiced by prolific dub actor Christina Valenzuela. This confluence and the similar tone of the characters, Killua is a similarly stoic and dispassionate character, points to an interesting casting choice. Valenzuela is also well known for her role as Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, another character with a comparable cold tone that leads towards her as a great choice for the role.


Another ally on the team is the enigmatic Weather Forecast, known as Weather Report in Japan. Weather is a tougher character to cast. When he is introduced, he is suffering from amnesia. He is fairly calm and weird in the first half of the series but undergoes a massive change when his memories come back to him. Casting Weather requires an actor that can pull of the naive silly take and the grim turn taken later in the series. One great pick for the role could be Critical Role mainstay and noted goth Tallesin Jaffe. Jaffe has the range to evolve the character and the tenor to provide the two uniquely unhinged performances that make up Weather Forecast.

Narciso Anasui is the last of the major allies, his name localized in America as Narc Anastasia. Anastasia appears first in disguise, but after he reappears in his true form, his primary trait is his romantic obsession with Jolyne. Whenever Jolyne is on screen, his attitude is lovesick and determined. This is played for laughs more often than not, Jolyne does not reciprocate Anastasia's affections and that leaves him looking pathetic.

One great pick for the role might be Bill Rodgers. Though he has voiced a huge number of characters and creatures in his over 20-year career, one of his best known would be Brock from Pokemon. He also portrayed Lucario and a number of other Pokemon. These roles, combined with some of his others lead to the idea that he'd be perfect to play a new lovesick fool.


Finally, the big villain of the piece, Father Enrico Pucci. Known simply as Father in America, Pucci is a religious fanatic and a devotee of Jojo's long-running villain Dio. Pucci is a diabolical mastermind, plotting intricate schemes and using complex strategies to accomplish his goals. Despite his evil, he is fairly calm, prone to idle chat, and often trails off into philosophical diatribes. The character demands gravitas, but also a level of quiet determination which sells fear without shouting or swearing.

A great pick for the dark priest would be Kyle Hebert, the fantastic talent behind many beloved characters. Hebert is well known as the voice of Kamina from Gurren Lagan, adult Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, and most appropriately, Sosuke Aizen from Bleach. The man who conveyed the stoic terror that was Aizen is perfect to bring Pucci the gravitas he deserves.

Stone Ocean is a fantastic part of Jojo, and the upcoming anime adaptation is one of the hottest properties coming soon. Fans will discover the English cast for the beloved characters sometime in the near future, and hopefully it will be as great as it should be.

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